If you aren't on the web, you don't exsist. Well, that may not be true but these days a web presence is important for all sucessful businesses. It is also important that people find you on the web, so a well designed page that comes up in the searches can make a big difference to your business.

Website Design and Creation

A good website is well designed, attractive, clear and searchable, all of these are taken into account when designing a web page. If you need a website or already have a website and want to upgrade, I can help.

Some websites I build myself, for larger sites I work in partnership with a web building company as the designer. Either way my priority is that you get the site you need.

You are always offered more than one design and are consulted at every step of the design process, it is your website I am creating.

Domain and Hosting

I offer hosting to my clients through a reliable UK based web hosting company. I do not sell hosting seperately, my clients websites take priority. If you already have hosting I can upload your new website to your existing hosting as long as you have your hosting details.

If you already have your domain name, great. If not I can help you find your domain name and set it up for you.

If none of this makes sense, don't worry, it does to me. I am more than happy to take you through the whole process.

SEO Friendly

What's SEO? Search engine optimization. When someone searches the internet via a search engine such as google it will only find you if your website has it SEO.

There are various ways of doing this and I implement as many as possible while building your site so that once it is up there people can find you!


Wordpress and Blogs

Blogging has become very popular and Wordpress is a good way to have a website with or without an integrated blog that you can update yourself.

If you want a website that you can update regularly with photographs or events and dates then a Wordpress based website on your domain name may be a good solution for you.

If you already have a blog, Wordpress or Blogger, and you want it updated visually then graphics can be created and installed on your blog.



Please browse around the examples of my work either by clicking on the images to the left or the navigation at the top of the page. These are only a few examples of work, if you don't see what you are looking for here I may still be able to help.



Azores Nature website

Back Home website

Hope2540 website

Opus Studios website

UtterONE website